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All pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of all pianos for sale include everything except sales tax; local piano delivery and concert pitch tuning upon delivery are included.

Upright Pianos for sale

1891 studio piano with clawfoot stool
($1100 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: 7603
-Brand unknown; removed during previous refinishing
-Approximate Dimensions: 59" Long x 25" Wide x 47 5/8" Tall
-85 keys
Video of this piano==> austin everett console piano

 photo IMG_4105.jpg  photo IMG_4106.jpg  photo IMG_4107.jpg  photo IMG_4108.jpg  photo IMG_4109.jpg  photo IMG_4110.jpg  photo IMG_4111.jpg  photo IMG_4112.jpg  photo IMG_4113.jpg  photo IMG_4114.jpg  photo IMG_4115.jpg  photo IMG_4116.jpg  photo IMG_4117.jpg  photo IMG_4118.jpg  photo IMG_4119.jpg  photo IMG_4120.jpg  photo IMG_4121.jpg  photo IMG_4122.jpg  photo IMG_4123.jpg  photo IMG_4124.jpg  photo IMG_4125.jpg  photo IMG_4126.jpg  photo IMG_4127.jpg  photo IMG_4128.jpg  photo IMG_4129.jpg  photo IMG_4130.jpg  photo IMG_4131.jpg  photo IMG_4134.jpg  photo IMG_4135.jpg  photo IMG_4136.jpg  photo IMG_4137.jpg  photo IMG_4138.jpg  photo IMG_4139.jpg  photo IMG_4140.jpg  photo IMG_4141.jpg  photo IMG_4142.jpg  photo IMG_4143.jpg  photo IMG_4144.jpg  photo IMG_4145.jpg  photo IMG_4146.jpg  photo IMG_4147.jpg  photo IMG_4148.jpg  photo IMG_4150.jpg  photo IMG_4151.jpg  photo IMG_4152.jpg  photo IMG_4153.jpg  photo IMG_4154.jpg  photo IMG_4155.jpg  photo IMG_4156.jpg  photo IMG_4157.jpg  photo IMG_4158.jpg  photo IMG_4159.jpg  photo IMG_4160.jpg  photo IMG_4161.jpg  photo IMG_4162.jpg  photo IMG_4163.jpg  photo IMG_4164.jpg  photo IMG_4165.jpg  photo IMG_4166.jpg  photo IMG_4167.jpg  photo IMG_4168.jpg  photo IMG_4169.jpg  photo IMG_4170.jpg  photo IMG_4171.jpg

Everett console piano with matching bench
($900 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: 221180
-Approximate Dimensions: 58 7/8" Long x 24 3/4" Wide x 41 1/8" Tall
Video of this piano==> austin everett console piano

 photo IMG_4046.jpg  photo IMG_4047.jpg  photo IMG_4048.jpg  photo IMG_4049.jpg  photo IMG_4050.jpg  photo IMG_4051.jpg  photo IMG_4052.jpg  photo IMG_4054.jpg  photo IMG_4055.jpg  photo IMG_4056.jpg  photo IMG_4057.jpg  photo IMG_4058.jpg  photo IMG_4059.jpg  photo IMG_4060.jpg  photo IMG_4061.jpg  photo IMG_4062.jpg  photo IMG_4063.jpg  photo IMG_4064.jpg  photo IMG_4065.jpg  photo IMG_4066.jpg  photo IMG_4067.jpg  photo IMG_4068.jpg  photo IMG_4069.jpg  photo IMG_4070.jpg  photo IMG_4072.jpg  photo IMG_4073.jpg  photo IMG_4074.jpg  photo IMG_4075.jpg  photo IMG_4076.jpg  photo IMG_4077.jpg  photo IMG_4078.jpg  photo IMG_4079.jpg  photo IMG_4080.jpg  photo IMG_4081.jpg  photo IMG_4082.jpg  photo IMG_4083.jpg  photo IMG_4084.jpg  photo IMG_4085.jpg  photo IMG_4087.jpg  photo IMG_4088.jpg  photo IMG_4089.jpg  photo IMG_4090.jpg  photo IMG_4091.jpg  photo IMG_4092.jpg  photo IMG_4093.jpg  photo IMG_4094.jpg  photo IMG_4095.jpg  photo IMG_4097.jpg  photo IMG_4098.jpg  photo IMG_4099.jpg  photo IMG_4100.jpg  photo IMG_4102.jpg  photo IMG_4103.jpg  photo IMG_4104.jpg

Pearl River console piano with matching storage bench
($1600 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: IF0000153
-Model: UP110R
-Approximate Dimensions: 57 1/2" Long x 23 3/4" Wide x 42 1/2" Tall
Video of this piano==>austin pearl river piano
 photo P1160135.jpg  photo P1160136.jpg  photo P1160138.jpg  photo P1160139.jpg  photo P1160140.jpg  photo P1160141.jpg  photo P1160142.jpg  photo P1160143.jpg  photo P1160144.jpg  photo P1160145.jpg  photo P1160146.jpg  photo P1160147.jpg  photo P1160148.jpg  photo P1160149.jpg  photo P1160150.jpg  photo P1160151.jpg  photo P1160152.jpg  photo P1160153.jpg  photo P1160154.jpg  photo P1160155.jpg  photo P1160156.jpg  photo P1160157.jpg  photo P1160158.jpg  photo P1160159.jpg  photo P1160160.jpg  photo P1160161.jpg  photo P1160163.jpg  photo P1160167.jpg  photo P1160168.jpg  photo P1160169.jpg  photo P1160170.jpg  photo P1160171.jpg  photo P1160172.jpg  photo P1160173.jpg  photo P1160174.jpg  photo P1160175.jpg  photo P1160176.jpg  photo P1160177.jpg  photo P1160178.jpg  photo P1160179.jpg  photo P1160180.jpg  photo P1160181.jpg

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