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Pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of pianos for sale include everything but taxes; local piano delivery and concert tuning upon delivery are included.

Wurlitzer piano with matching storage bench
($625 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440

Video of this piano==> Austin Pianos
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Baldwin Howard console piano with matching storage bench
($775 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440

Video of this piano==> Austin Pianos
 photo P1060841.jpg  photo P1060842.jpg  photo P1060843.jpg  photo P1060844.jpg  photo P1060847.jpg  photo P1060848.jpg  photo P1060849.jpg  photo P1060850.jpg  photo P1060851.jpg  photo P1060852.jpg  photo P1060853.jpg  photo P1060854.jpg  photo P1060855.jpg  photo P1060856.jpg  photo P1060857.jpg  photo P1060858.jpg  photo P1060859.jpg  photo P1060860.jpg  photo P1060861.jpg  photo P1060863.jpg  photo P1060864.jpg  photo P1060865.jpg  photo P1060866.jpg  photo P1060867.jpg  photo P1060868.jpg  photo P1060869.jpg  photo P1060870.jpg  photo P1060871.jpg  photo P1060872.jpg  photo P1060873.jpg  photo P1060874.jpg  photo P1060875.jpg  photo P1060876.jpg  photo P1060877.jpg  photo P1060878.jpg  photo P1060879.jpg  photo P1060880.jpg  photo P1060881.jpg  photo P1060882.jpg  photo P1060884.jpg  photo P1060886.jpg  photo P1060887.jpg  photo P1060888.jpg  photo P1060889.jpg  photo P1060890.jpg  photo P1060891.jpg  photo P1060892.jpg  photo P1060893.jpg  photo P1060894.jpg  photo P1060895.jpg  photo P1060896.jpg  photo P1060897.jpg  photo P1060898.jpg  photo P1060899.jpg  photo P1060900.jpg  photo P1060901.jpg  photo P1060902.jpg

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