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Pianos for sale- Austin, Texas & further

Pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of pianos for sale include everything but taxes; local piano delivery and concert tuning upon delivery are included.

Shutes console piano with matching storage bench
($750 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Approximately 57" Long x 23 1/2" Wide x 41" Tall

new bruanfels Piano
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Cable piano with matching storage bench
($750 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Approximately 57 3/4" Long x 24 1/4" Wide x 38 1/4" Tall

new bruanfels Piano
 photo P1060143.jpg  photo P1060144.jpg  photo P1060145.jpg  photo P1060146.jpg  photo P1060172.jpg  photo P1060173.jpg  photo P1060153.jpg  photo P1060156.jpg  photo P1060157.jpg  photo P1060158.jpg  photo P1060161.jpg  photo P1060162.jpg  photo P1060163.jpg  photo P1060164.jpg  photo P1060165.jpg  photo P1060167.jpg  photo P1060169.jpg  photo P1060174.jpg  photo P1060175.jpg  photo P1060177.jpg  photo P1060179.jpg  photo P1060180.jpg  photo P1060181.jpg  photo P1060182.jpg  photo P1060183.jpg  photo P1060184.jpg  photo P1060186.jpg  photo P1060188.jpg  photo P1060189.jpg  photo P1060190.jpg  photo P1060191.jpg  photo P1060192.jpg  photo P1060193.jpg  photo P1060194.jpg  photo P1060195.jpg  photo P1060196.jpg  photo P1060197.jpg  photo P1060198.jpg  photo P1060199.jpg  photo P1060200.jpg  photo P1060201.jpg  photo P1060208.jpg  photo P1060209.jpg  photo P1060212.jpg  photo P1060213.jpg  photo P1060214.jpg  photo P1060215.jpg  photo P1060216.jpg  photo P1060217.jpg  photo P1060218.jpg  photo P1060219.jpg  photo P1060220.jpg  photo P1060221.jpg  photo P1060222.jpg  photo P1060223.jpg  photo P1060224.jpg  photo P1060225.jpg  photo P1060226.jpg  photo P1060227.jpg

Kimball Artist Console piano with matching storage bench
($950 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Approximately 58" Long x 25" Wide x 42" Tall
new bruanfels Piano
 photo P1060071.jpg  photo P1060072.jpg  photo P1060073.jpg  photo P1060074.jpg  photo P1060075.jpg  photo P1060076.jpg  photo P1060077.jpg  photo P1060078.jpg  photo P1060079.jpg  photo P1060129.jpg  photo P1060130.jpg  photo P1060080.jpg  photo P1060081.jpg  photo P1060127.jpg  photo P1060082.jpg  photo P1060083.jpg  photo P1060084.jpg  photo P1060085.jpg  photo P1060086.jpg  photo P1060087.jpg  photo P1060088.jpg  photo P1060089.jpg  photo P1060090.jpg  photo P1060091.jpg  photo P1060092.jpg  photo P1060093.jpg  photo P1060094.jpg  photo P1060095.jpg  photo P1060096.jpg  photo P1060097.jpg  photo P1060098.jpg  photo P1060099.jpg  photo P1060100.jpg  photo P1060101.jpg  photo P1060102.jpg  photo P1060103.jpg  photo P1060104.jpg  photo P1060105.jpg  photo P1060106.jpg  photo P1060107.jpg  photo P1060108.jpg  photo P1060109.jpg  photo P1060110.jpg  photo P1060112.jpg  photo P1060113.jpg  photo P1060114.jpg  photo P1060116.jpg  photo P1060118.jpg  photo P1060120.jpg  photo P1060121.jpg  photo P1060122.jpg  photo P1060125.jpg  photo P1060126.jpg

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