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All pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of all pianos for sale include everything except sales tax; local piano delivery and concert pitch tuning upon delivery are included.

Upright Pianos for sale

Samick console piano with matching bench
($1800 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Approximate dimensions: 57" Long x 22 1/8 Wide x 44 3/4" Tall
-Model: SU-143
-Serial: IJDAO355
Video of this piano==>
 photo IMG_2728.jpg  photo cf15a8df.jpg  photo 903041f4.jpg  photo b66cbc68.jpg  photo b9966fd1.jpg  photo 934a9d79.jpg  photo c1a587ad.jpg  photo 552a3141.jpg  photo db1339b8.jpg  photo 51bbbacd.jpg  photo 1765ab01.jpg  photo 8092f7cf.jpg  photo 783ae087.jpg  photo 95af95d9.jpg  photo a88d760b.jpg  photo 769c8f73.jpg  photo f52fe7ee.jpg  photo f072f1b7.jpg  photo a6b85155.jpg  photo c3976c22.jpg  photo a500d87d.jpg  photo 01c1e4d1.jpg  photo 3eb6d090.jpg  photo 2e5656ba.jpg  photo 68eeb599.jpg  photo c6fe4a25.jpg  photo 34a6616a.jpg  photo 73adfbf6.jpg  photo 0f968ecd.jpg  photo c835e627.jpg  photo 7db204d2.jpg  photo ab364778.jpg  photo 16ca5505.jpg

Roseman Studio piano with clawfoot stool
($1100 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Approximate dimensions: 58 7/8" Long x 22 1/8 Wide x 45 1/8" Tall
-85 key
-Serial 98574
Video of this piano==> austin antique studio piano

 photo P1160630.jpg  photo P1160631.jpg  photo P1160632.jpg  photo P1160633.jpg  photo P1160634.jpg  photo P1160635.jpg  photo P1160636.jpg  photo P1160637.jpg  photo P1160638.jpg  photo P1160639.jpg  photo P1160640.jpg  photo P1160641.jpg  photo P1160642.jpg  photo P1160643.jpg  photo P1160644.jpg  photo P1160645.jpg  photo P1160646.jpg  photo P1160647.jpg  photo P1160648.jpg  photo P1160649.jpg  photo P1160650.jpg  photo P1160651.jpg  photo P1160652.jpg  photo P1160653.jpg  photo P1160654.jpg  photo P1160655.jpg  photo P1160656.jpg  photo P1160657.jpg  photo P1160658.jpg  photo P1160659.jpg  photo P1160660.jpg  photo P1160661.jpg  photo P1160662.jpg  photo P1160663.jpg  photo P1160664.jpg  photo P1160665.jpg  photo P1160666.jpg  photo P1160667.jpg  photo P1160668.jpg  photo P1160669.jpg  photo P1160670.jpg  photo P1160671.jpg  photo P1160672.jpg  photo P1160673.jpg  photo P1160674.jpg  photo P1160675.jpg  photo P1160676.jpg  photo P1160677.jpg  photo P1160678.jpg  photo P1160679.jpg  photo P1160680.jpg  photo P1160681.jpg  photo P1160682.jpg  photo P1160683.jpg  photo P1160684.jpg  photo P1160685.jpg  photo P1160686.jpg  photo P1160687.jpg  photo P1160688.jpg  photo P1160689.jpg  photo P1160690.jpg  photo P1160691.jpg  photo P1160692.jpg  photo P1160693.jpg  photo P1160694.jpg  photo P1160695.jpg  photo P1160696.jpg  photo P1160697.jpg  photo P1160698.jpg  photo P1160699.jpg  photo P1160700.jpg  photo P1160701.jpg  photo P1160702.jpg  photo P1160703.jpg  photo P1160704.jpg

Kawai console piano with matching storage bench
($1900 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: K583447
-Approximate Dimensions: 57 1/8" Long x 26 3/8" Wide x 42 1/4" Tall
Video of this piano==> austin kawai piano

 photo P1160526.jpg  photo P1160527.jpg  photo P1160528.jpg  photo P1160529.jpg  photo P1160530.jpg  photo P1160531.jpg  photo P1160532.jpg  photo P1160533.jpg  photo P1160534.jpg  photo P1160535.jpg  photo P1160536.jpg  photo P1160537.jpg  photo P1160538.jpg  photo P1160539.jpg  photo P1160540.jpg  photo P1160541.jpg  photo P1160542.jpg  photo P1160543.jpg  photo P1160544.jpg  photo P1160545.jpg  photo P1160546.jpg  photo P1160547.jpg  photo P1160548.jpg  photo P1160549.jpg  photo P1160550.jpg  photo P1160551.jpg  photo P1160552.jpg  photo P1160554.jpg  photo P1160555.jpg  photo P1160556.jpg  photo P1160557.jpg  photo P1160558.jpg  photo P1160559.jpg  photo P1160560.jpg  photo P1160561.jpg  photo P1160562.jpg  photo P1160563.jpg  photo P1160564.jpg  photo P1160565.jpg  photo P1160566.jpg  photo P1160567.jpg  photo P1160568.jpg  photo P1160570.jpg  photo P1160571.jpg  photo P1160574.jpg  photo P1160575.jpg  photo P1160576.jpg  photo P1160577.jpg  photo P1160578.jpg  photo P1160579.jpg  photo P1160580.jpg  photo P1160581.jpg  photo P1160582.jpg  photo P1160583.jpg  photo P1160584.jpg  photo P1160585.jpg  photo P1160586.jpg

Pearl River console piano with matching storage bench
($1600 delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: IF0000153
-Model: UP110R
-Approximate Dimensions: 57 1/2" Long x 23 3/4" Wide x 42 1/2" Tall
Video of this piano==>austin pearl river piano
 photo P1160135.jpg  photo P1160136.jpg  photo P1160138.jpg  photo P1160139.jpg  photo P1160140.jpg  photo P1160141.jpg  photo P1160142.jpg  photo P1160143.jpg  photo P1160144.jpg  photo P1160145.jpg  photo P1160146.jpg  photo P1160147.jpg  photo P1160148.jpg  photo P1160149.jpg  photo P1160150.jpg  photo P1160151.jpg  photo P1160152.jpg  photo P1160153.jpg  photo P1160154.jpg  photo P1160155.jpg  photo P1160156.jpg  photo P1160157.jpg  photo P1160158.jpg  photo P1160159.jpg  photo P1160160.jpg  photo P1160161.jpg  photo P1160163.jpg  photo P1160167.jpg  photo P1160168.jpg  photo P1160169.jpg  photo P1160170.jpg  photo P1160171.jpg  photo P1160172.jpg  photo P1160173.jpg  photo P1160174.jpg  photo P1160175.jpg  photo P1160176.jpg  photo P1160177.jpg  photo P1160178.jpg  photo P1160179.jpg  photo P1160180.jpg  photo P1160181.jpg

Upcoming Pianos

You may order these pianos for a scheduled delivery within a few days or request more information. Showings unavailable for Upcoming Pianos.

Weaver piano with matching storage bench
($900 plus tax)
-Serial: 86933
-Approximate Dimensions: 60" Long x 24 1/2" Wide x 42 5/8" Tall
-Antique Rosewood patina original finish

 photo 20170818_220519.jpg  photo 20170818_220642.jpg  photo 20170818_220652.jpg  photo 20170818_220716.jpg  photo 20170818_220724.jpg  photo 20170818_220738.jpg  photo 20170818_220741.jpg  photo 20170818_220745.jpg  photo 20170818_220753.jpg  photo 20170818_220808.jpg  photo 20170818_220833.jpg  photo 20170818_220848.jpg  photo 20170818_221013.jpg  photo 20170818_221024.jpg
Winter piano with matching bench
($750 plus tax)

-Serial: 182739
-Approximate Dimensions: 57" Long x 23 13/16" Wide x 39 1/8" Tall

 photo 2017-07-31 20.15.51.jpg  photo 20170731_201353.jpg  photo 20170731_200530.jpg  photo 20170731_200510.jpg  photo 20170731_200502.jpg  photo 20170731_200436.jpg  photo 20170731_200407.jpg  photo 20170731_200328.jpg  photo 20170731_200300.jpg

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