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All pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of all pianos for sale include everything except sales tax; local piano delivery and concert pitch tuning upon delivery are included.

Upright Pianos for sale

Wm. Knabe and Co. console piano with storage bench
($700 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: 124790
-Approximate Dimensions: 58 1/2" Long x 22 1/4" Wide x 42" Tall
Video of this piano==>austin used piano

 photo IMG_6582.jpg  photo IMG_6583.jpg  photo IMG_6584.jpg  photo IMG_6585.jpg  photo IMG_6586.jpg  photo IMG_6587.jpg  photo IMG_6588.jpg  photo IMG_6589.jpg  photo IMG_6590.jpg  photo IMG_6591.jpg  photo IMG_6593.jpg  photo IMG_6594.jpg  photo IMG_6595.jpg  photo IMG_6598.jpg  photo IMG_6599.jpg  photo IMG_6600.jpg  photo IMG_6601.jpg  photo IMG_6603.jpg  photo IMG_6604.jpg  photo IMG_6605.jpg  photo IMG_6606.jpg  photo IMG_6607.jpg  photo IMG_6608.jpg  photo IMG_6609.jpg  photo IMG_6610.jpg  photo IMG_6611.jpg  photo IMG_6612.jpg  photo IMG_6613.jpg  photo IMG_6614.jpg  photo IMG_6616.jpg  photo IMG_6617.jpg  photo IMG_6618.jpg  photo IMG_6619.jpg  photo IMG_6620.jpg  photo IMG_6621.jpg  photo IMG_6622.jpg  photo IMG_6623.jpg  photo IMG_6626.jpg  photo IMG_6627.jpg  photo IMG_6628.jpg  photo IMG_6629.jpg  photo IMG_6630.jpg  photo IMG_6631.jpg  photo IMG_6632.jpg  photo IMG_6633.jpg  photo IMG_6634.jpg  photo IMG_6636.jpg  photo IMG_6638.jpg  photo IMG_6639.jpg  photo IMG_6640.jpg

Kohler and Campbell console with matching storage bench
($900 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: 787671
-Approximate Dimensions: 57.75" Long x 24.5" Wide x 41" Tall
Video of this piano==>austin used piano

 photo IMG_6511.jpg  photo IMG_6512.jpg  photo IMG_6513.jpg  photo IMG_6514.jpg  photo IMG_6515.jpg  photo IMG_6516.jpg  photo IMG_6517.jpg  photo IMG_6518.jpg  photo IMG_6519.jpg  photo IMG_6521.jpg  photo IMG_6522.jpg  photo IMG_6523.jpg  photo IMG_6524.jpg  photo IMG_6525.jpg  photo IMG_6526.jpg  photo IMG_6528.jpg  photo IMG_6529.jpg  photo IMG_6530.jpg  photo IMG_6533.jpg  photo IMG_6534.jpg  photo IMG_6535.jpg  photo IMG_6536.jpg  photo IMG_6537.jpg  photo IMG_6538.jpg  photo IMG_6539.jpg  photo IMG_6540.jpg  photo IMG_6541.jpg  photo IMG_6542.jpg  photo IMG_6543.jpg  photo IMG_6544.jpg  photo IMG_6545.jpg  photo IMG_6546.jpg  photo IMG_6547.jpg  photo IMG_6549.jpg  photo IMG_6550.jpg  photo IMG_6551.jpg  photo IMG_6552.jpg  photo IMG_6553.jpg  photo IMG_6554.jpg  photo IMG_6555.jpg  photo IMG_6556.jpg  photo IMG_6557.jpg  photo IMG_6558.jpg  photo IMG_6559.jpg  photo IMG_6560.jpg  photo IMG_6561.jpg  photo IMG_6562.jpg  photo IMG_6563.jpg  photo IMG_6564.jpg  photo IMG_6565.jpg  photo IMG_6566.jpg  photo IMG_6568.jpg  photo IMG_6569.jpg  photo IMG_6570.jpg  photo IMG_6571.jpg  photo IMG_6572.jpg  photo IMG_6573.jpg  photo IMG_6576.jpg  photo IMG_6578.jpg  photo IMG_6579.jpg  photo IMG_6580.jpg  photo IMG_6581.jpg

Conover Cable studio upright piano with storage bench
($950 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: 282882
-Approximate Dimensions: 61" Long x 26.5" Wide x 50" Tall
Video of this piano==>Coming Soonaustin used piano

 photo IMG_6444.jpg  photo IMG_6445.jpg  photo IMG_6446.jpg  photo IMG_6447.jpg  photo IMG_6448.jpg  photo IMG_6449.jpg  photo IMG_6450.jpg  photo IMG_6451.jpg  photo IMG_6452.jpg  photo IMG_6454.jpg  photo IMG_6455.jpg  photo IMG_6456.jpg  photo IMG_6457.jpg  photo IMG_6458.jpg  photo IMG_6459.jpg  photo IMG_6460.jpg  photo IMG_6462.jpg  photo IMG_6463.jpg  photo IMG_6465.jpg  photo IMG_6466.jpg  photo IMG_6467.jpg  photo IMG_6468.jpg  photo IMG_6469.jpg  photo IMG_6470.jpg  photo IMG_6472.jpg  photo IMG_6475.jpg  photo IMG_6476.jpg  photo IMG_6477.jpg  photo IMG_6478.jpg  photo IMG_6479.jpg  photo IMG_6480.jpg  photo IMG_6482.jpg  photo IMG_6483.jpg  photo IMG_6484.jpg  photo IMG_6485.jpg  photo IMG_6486.jpg  photo IMG_6487.jpg  photo IMG_6490.jpg  photo IMG_6491.jpg  photo IMG_6493.jpg  photo IMG_6495.jpg  photo IMG_6497.jpg  photo IMG_6498.jpg  photo IMG_6499.jpg  photo IMG_6500.jpg  photo IMG_6502.jpg  photo IMG_6503.jpg  photo IMG_6504.jpg  photo IMG_6506.jpg  photo IMG_6507.jpg  photo IMG_6508.jpg  photo IMG_6510.jpg

Harrington by Hardman Peck and Co console piano with storage bench
($650 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: 166139
-Approximate Dimensions: 56 1/2" Long x 24" Wide x 40 1/2" Tall
Video of this piano==> austin used piano

 photo IMG_6396.jpg  photo IMG_6390.jpg  photo IMG_6391.jpg  photo IMG_6392.jpg  photo IMG_6393.jpg  photo IMG_6394.jpg  photo IMG_6395.jpg  photo IMG_6397.jpg  photo IMG_6398.jpg  photo IMG_6399.jpg  photo IMG_6400.jpg  photo IMG_6401.jpg  photo IMG_6402.jpg  photo IMG_6403.jpg  photo IMG_6404.jpg  photo IMG_6405.jpg  photo IMG_6406.jpg  photo IMG_6407.jpg  photo IMG_6408.jpg  photo IMG_6409.jpg  photo IMG_6412.jpg  photo IMG_6413.jpg  photo IMG_6414.jpg  photo IMG_6415.jpg  photo IMG_6416.jpg  photo IMG_6417.jpg  photo IMG_6420.jpg  photo IMG_6422.jpg  photo IMG_6423.jpg  photo IMG_6424.jpg  photo IMG_6425.jpg  photo IMG_6426.jpg  photo IMG_6427.jpg  photo IMG_6428.jpg  photo IMG_6429.jpg  photo IMG_6430.jpg  photo IMG_6432.jpg  photo IMG_6433.jpg  photo IMG_6434.jpg  photo IMG_6437.jpg  photo IMG_6438.jpg  photo IMG_6439.jpg  photo IMG_6440.jpg  photo IMG_6441.jpg  photo IMG_6442.jpg

Kimball console piano with matching storage bench
($800 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Serial: 917973
-Approximate Dimensions: 58" Long x 24 1/8" Wide x 41" Tall
Video of this piano==> austin used piano

 photo IMG_6308.jpg  photo IMG_6309.jpg  photo IMG_6310.jpg  photo IMG_6311.jpg  photo IMG_6312.jpg  photo IMG_6313.jpg  photo IMG_6315.jpg  photo IMG_6316.jpg  photo IMG_6317.jpg  photo IMG_6318.jpg  photo IMG_6320.jpg  photo IMG_6322.jpg  photo IMG_6323.jpg  photo IMG_6324.jpg  photo IMG_6325.jpg  photo IMG_6326.jpg  photo IMG_6327.jpg  photo IMG_6328.jpg  photo IMG_6329.jpg  photo IMG_6330.jpg  photo IMG_6331.jpg  photo IMG_6335.jpg  photo IMG_6336.jpg  photo IMG_6337.jpg  photo IMG_6338.jpg  photo IMG_6340.jpg  photo IMG_6341.jpg  photo IMG_6342.jpg  photo IMG_6343.jpg  photo IMG_6344.jpg  photo IMG_6350.jpg  photo IMG_6351.jpg  photo IMG_6352.jpg  photo IMG_6353.jpg  photo IMG_6354.jpg  photo IMG_6355.jpg  photo IMG_6356.jpg  photo IMG_6357.jpg  photo IMG_6359.jpg  photo IMG_6360.jpg  photo IMG_6365.jpg  photo IMG_6366.jpg  photo IMG_6367.jpg  photo IMG_6368.jpg  photo IMG_6369.jpg  photo IMG_6370.jpg  photo IMG_6372.jpg  photo IMG_6373.jpg  photo IMG_6374.jpg  photo IMG_6375.jpg  photo IMG_6376.jpg  photo IMG_6377.jpg  photo IMG_6378.jpg  photo IMG_6379.jpg  photo IMG_6380.jpg  photo IMG_6381.jpg  photo IMG_6382.jpg  photo IMG_6383.jpg  photo IMG_6384.jpg  photo IMG_6385.jpg  photo IMG_6387.jpg  photo IMG_6388.jpg  photo IMG_6389.jpg

Yamaha P22 satin ebony professional studio piano with matching storage bench
($5250 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch a440
-Model: P22 SE
-Serial: J32328487
-Approximate Dimensions: 60" Long x 24" Wide x 45" Tall
-Manufacatured in 2015
-Like new condition
Video of this piano==>austin yamaha studio piano p22

 photo IMG_6067.jpg  photo IMG_6068.jpg  photo IMG_6069.jpg  photo IMG_6071.jpg  photo IMG_6073.jpg  photo IMG_6074.jpg  photo IMG_6075.jpg  photo IMG_6076.jpg  photo IMG_6077.jpg  photo IMG_6078.jpg  photo IMG_6079.jpg  photo IMG_6080.jpg  photo IMG_6081.jpg  photo IMG_6082.jpg  photo IMG_6083.jpg  photo IMG_6084.jpg  photo IMG_6085.jpg  photo IMG_6086.jpg  photo IMG_6087.jpg  photo IMG_6088.jpg  photo IMG_6089.jpg  photo IMG_6090.jpg  photo IMG_6091.jpg  photo IMG_6092.jpg  photo IMG_6093.jpg  photo IMG_6094.jpg  photo IMG_6095.jpg  photo IMG_6096.jpg  photo IMG_6097.jpg  photo IMG_6098.jpg  photo IMG_6099.jpg  photo IMG_6100.jpg  photo IMG_6104.jpg  photo IMG_6105.jpg  photo IMG_6106.jpg  photo IMG_6107.jpg  photo IMG_6108.jpg  photo IMG_6109.jpg  photo IMG_6110.jpg  photo IMG_6111.jpg

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