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Pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of pianos for sale include everything except sales tax; local piano delivery and concert pitch tuning upon delivery are included. Flexible rental and financing options available upon request.

Upright Pianos for sale

Kimball Artist Console piano with matching padded bench
($850 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Serial: 949973
-Approximate Dimensions: 57 3/8" Long x 24 1/2" Wide x 41 7/8" Tall

Video of this piano playing==> Austin used kimball piano

 photo P1140769.jpg  photo P1140709.jpg  photo P1140710.jpg  photo P1140714.jpg  photo P1140716.jpg  photo P1140717.jpg  photo P1140718.jpg  photo P1140722.jpg  photo P1140723.jpg  photo P1140724.jpg  photo P1140725.jpg  photo P1140726.jpg  photo P1140727.jpg  photo P1140728.jpg  photo P1140729.jpg  photo P1140730.jpg  photo P1140731.jpg  photo P1140732.jpg  photo P1140733.jpg  photo P1140734.jpg  photo P1140735.jpg  photo P1140736.jpg  photo P1140737.jpg  photo P1140738.jpg  photo P1140739.jpg  photo P1140740.jpg  photo P1140741.jpg  photo P1140742.jpg  photo P1140743.jpg  photo P1140744.jpg  photo P1140745.jpg  photo P1140747.jpg  photo P1140748.jpg  photo P1140749.jpg  photo P1140750.jpg  photo P1140751.jpg  photo P1140752.jpg  photo P1140753.jpg  photo P1140754.jpg  photo P1140756.jpg  photo P1140757.jpg  photo P1140758.jpg  photo P1140762.jpg  photo P1140763.jpg  photo P1140764.jpg  photo P1140767.jpg  photo P1140768.jpg  photo P1140770.jpg  photo P1140771.jpg  photo P1140772.jpg  photo P1140773.jpg  photo P1140774.jpg  photo P1140777.jpg  photo P1140778.jpg  photo P1140779.jpg  photo P1140780.jpg  photo P1140781.jpg  photo P1140782.jpg  photo P1140785.jpg  photo P1140787.jpg  photo P1140788.jpg  photo P1140789.jpg  photo P1140790.jpg  photo P1140791.jpg  photo P1140793.jpg  photo P1140794.jpg

Yamaha super console piano with matching bench
($2900 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Model: m500s
-Serial: 272379
-Approximate dimensions: 58 7/16" Long x 23 1/4" wide x 44 1/8" Tall

Video of this piano playing==> Austin used yamaha piano

 photo P1140614.jpg  photo P1140615.jpg  photo P1140616.jpg  photo P1140617.jpg  photo P1140618.jpg  photo P1140619.jpg  photo P1140620.jpg  photo P1140621.jpg  photo P1140622.jpg  photo P1140623.jpg  photo P1140625.jpg  photo P1140626.jpg  photo P1140627.jpg  photo P1140628.jpg  photo P1140629.jpg  photo P1140630.jpg  photo P1140631.jpg  photo P1140632.jpg  photo P1140633.jpg  photo P1140634.jpg  photo P1140637.jpg  photo P1140638.jpg  photo P1140639.jpg  photo P1140640.jpg  photo P1140641.jpg  photo P1140642.jpg  photo P1140643.jpg  photo P1140644.jpg  photo P1140645.jpg  photo P1140646.jpg  photo P1140647.jpg  photo P1140648.jpg  photo P1140649.jpg  photo P1140650.jpg  photo P1140651.jpg  photo P1140652.jpg  photo P1140653.jpg  photo P1140654.jpg  photo P1140655.jpg  photo P1140656.jpg  photo P1140657.jpg  photo P1140658.jpg  photo P1140659.jpg  photo P1140660.jpg  photo P1140661.jpg  photo P1140662.jpg  photo P1140663.jpg  photo P1140664.jpg  photo P1140665.jpg  photo P1140666.jpg  photo P1140667.jpg  photo P1140668.jpg  photo P1140669.jpg  photo P1140670.jpg  photo P1140671.jpg  photo P1140672.jpg  photo P1140673.jpg  photo P1140674.jpg  photo P1140675.jpg  photo P1140676.jpg  photo P1140677.jpg  photo P1140678.jpg  photo P1140679.jpg  photo P1140680.jpg  photo P1140681.jpg  photo P1140682.jpg  photo P1140683.jpg  photo P1140684.jpg  photo P1140686.jpg  photo P1140687.jpg  photo P1140688.jpg  photo P1140690.jpg  photo P1140691.jpg  photo P1140694.jpg  photo P1140695.jpg  photo P1140696.jpg  photo P1140697.jpg  photo P1140698.jpg  photo P1140699.jpg  photo P1140700.jpg  photo P1140701.jpg  photo P1140703.jpg  photo P1140704.jpg  photo P1140705.jpg  photo P1140707.jpg  photo 20160510_105743.jpg

H Kohl antique piano with clawfoot stool
($1200 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Serial: 5606
-Approximate dimensions: 58 1/8" Long x 29 3/8" Wide x 51 1/2" Tall

 photo P1140796.jpg  photo P1140797.jpg  photo P1140798.jpg  photo P1140799.jpg  photo P1140800.jpg  photo P1140801.jpg  photo P1140802.jpg  photo P1140803.jpg  photo P1140804.jpg  photo P1140806.jpg  photo P1140807.jpg  photo P1140808.jpg  photo P1140810.jpg  photo P1140811.jpg  photo P1140812.jpg  photo P1140814.jpg  photo P1140815.jpg  photo P1140816.jpg  photo P1140817.jpg  photo P1140818.jpg  photo P1140820.jpg  photo P1140821.jpg  photo P1140822.jpg  photo P1140823.jpg  photo P1140824.jpg  photo P1140829.jpg  photo P1140827.jpg

Pre-Order Pianos

You may compare or order upcoming pianos by inquiry.

Baldwin Monarch studio piano
($650 delivered, then tuned)

-Serial 225924
-Approximate dimensions: 57 3/4" Long x 24 3/4" Wide x 45" Tall

 photo monarchstudio.jpg

Baldwin Hamilton Limited Edition Studio Piano with matching storage bench
($2350 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Model: 5050A MAH
-Serial number: 0474760
-Approximate dimensions: 57 13/16" Long x 25 3/4" Wide x 45" Tall

 photo P1140598.jpg  photo P1140599.jpg  photo P1140601.jpg  photo P1140600.jpg  photo P1140602.jpg  photo P1140603.jpg  photo P1140604.jpg  photo P1140605.jpg  photo P1140606.jpg  photo P1140607.jpg  photo P1140608.jpg  photo P1140611.jpg  photo P1140612.jpg
Kimball console piano with matching bench
($600 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

Serial 492827
Approximate dimensions- 59 1/8" Long x 24 1/8" Wide x 42" Tall

 photo 20160621_183330.jpg  photo a69704ff-907f-4f6f-9be7-6813a29a6e69.jpg  photo 20160621_183308.jpg  photo 20160621_183803.jpg  photo 20160621_182015.jpg  photo 20160621_181843.jpg
George Steck piano with matching bench
($850 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

Serial 181422
Approximate dimensions- 55 5/8" Long x 23 1/8" Wide x 39 1/4" Tall

 photo steck1.jpg photo Steck2.jpg  photo Steck4.jpg  photo Steck3.jpg
Kimball console piano with matching bench
($500 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Serial 147950
-Approximate dimensions: 40 1/2" Tall x 25 7/8" Wide x 58 7/8" Long

 photo green3.jpg  photo Green2.jpg  photo green1.jpg
Wurlitzer piano with matching bench
($750 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-serial 574337
 photo P1140146.jpg  photo P1140147.jpg  photo P1140145.jpg  photo P1140148.jpg
Gulbransen company piano with matching bench
($700 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Serial 414748
-Approximate Dimensions- 56 5/16" Long x 25 1/4" Wide x 38" Tall

 photo 20160621_120620.jpg  photo 20160621_120455.jpg  photo 20160621_120430.jpg  photo 20160621_120425.jpg  photo 20160621_120406.jpg  photo 20160621_120350.jpg  photo 20160621_120322.jpg

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