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All pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of pianos for sale include everything except sales tax; local piano delivery and concert pitch tuning upon delivery are included.

Upright Pianos for sale

Wurlitzer piano with matching storage bench
($650 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Serial: 574337
-Approximate Dimensions: 56 1/8" Long x 24 3/4" Wide x 37 1/2" Tall

Video of this piano==>Austin Piano
 photo P1150919.jpg  photo P1150920.jpg  photo P1150921.jpg  photo P1150923.jpg  photo P1150924.jpg  photo P1150925.jpg  photo P1150926.jpg  photo P1150927.jpg  photo P1150928.jpg  photo P1150929.jpg  photo P1150930.jpg  photo P1150931.jpg  photo P1150932.jpg  photo P1150933.jpg  photo P1150934.jpg  photo P1150935.jpg  photo P1150936.jpg  photo P1150937.jpg  photo P1150938.jpg  photo P1150939.jpg  photo P1150940.jpg  photo P1150941.jpg  photo P1150942.jpg  photo P1150943.jpg  photo P1150948.jpg  photo P1150949.jpg  photo P1150950.jpg  photo P1150952.jpg  photo P1150954.jpg  photo P1150955.jpg  photo P1150956.jpg  photo P1150958.jpg  photo P1150959.jpg  photo P1150960.jpg  photo P1150961.jpg  photo P1150962.jpg  photo P1150963.jpg  photo P1150965.jpg  photo P1150966.jpg  photo P1150968.jpg  photo P1150969.jpg  photo P1150970.jpg  photo P1150971.jpg  photo P1150972.jpg  photo P1150973.jpg  photo P1150974.jpg  photo P1150975.jpg  photo P1150976.jpg

Yamaha console piano with matching storage bench
($1300 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Serial: 820440
-Approximate Dimensions: 59 1/4" Long x 24 1/4" Wide x 42 9/16" Tall

Video of this piano==>yamaha used console Piano Austin
 photo P1150441.jpg  photo P1150442.jpg  photo P1150443.jpg  photo P1150444.jpg  photo P1150445.jpg  photo P1150446.jpg  photo P1150447.jpg  photo P1150448.jpg  photo P1150449.jpg  photo P1150450.jpg  photo P1150451.jpg  photo P1150452.jpg  photo P1150453.jpg  photo P1150454.jpg  photo P1150455.jpg  photo P1150456.jpg  photo P1150457.jpg  photo P1150458.jpg  photo P1150459.jpg  photo P1150460.jpg  photo P1150461.jpg  photo P1150462.jpg  photo P1150463.jpg  photo P1150464.jpg  photo P1150465.jpg  photo P1150466.jpg  photo P1150468.jpg  photo P1150469.jpg  photo P1150470.jpg  photo P1150471.jpg  photo P1150472.jpg  photo P1150473.jpg  photo P1150474.jpg  photo P1150475.jpg  photo P1150476.jpg  photo P1150477.jpg  photo P1150478.jpg  photo P1150479.jpg  photo P1150480.jpg  photo P1150481.jpg  photo P1150483.jpg  photo P1150484.jpg  photo P1150485.jpg  photo P1150486.jpg  photo P1150487.jpg  photo P1150488.jpg  photo P1150489.jpg  photo P1150490.jpg  photo P1150491.jpg  photo P1150492.jpg  photo P1150493.jpg  photo P1150494.jpg  photo P1150495.jpg  photo P1150497.jpg  photo P1150498.jpg  photo P1150499.jpg  photo P1150500.jpg  photo P1150501.jpg  photo P1150502.jpg  photo P1150503.jpg  photo P1150504.jpg

Pre-Order Pianos for sale

You may order these pianos for a scheduled delivery or request more information.

Baldwin Acrosonic piano with matching storage bench
($750 delivered, then tuned)

-Includes bench with shown or black recovered bench top
-Serial: 443282
-Approximate dimensions: 59 1/8" long x 25 1/4" wide x 36" tall

 photo P1160104.jpg  photo P1160102.jpg  photo P1160083.jpg  photo P1160085.jpg  photo P1160089.jpg  photo P1160098.jpg  photo P1160099.jpg  photo P1160100.jpg  photo P1160096.jpg  photo P1160093.jpg  photo P1160091.jpg  photo P1160090.jpg
Kimball Artist Console piano with matching bench
($950 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Includes matching padded storage bench
-Serial D84311
-Model 4245
-Approximate Dimensions: 57 1/2" Long x 24 3/4" Wide x 42" Tall

 photo P1160001.jpg  photo P1160003.jpg  photo P1160004.jpg  photo P1160005.jpg  photo P1160006.jpg  photo P1160007.jpg  photo P1160008.jpg  photo P1160009.jpg  photo P1160010.jpg  photo P1160011.jpg  photo P1160012.jpg  photo P1160014.jpg  photo P1160015.jpg
Story and Clark piano with matching bench
($800 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Serial 342290
-Approximate Dimensions: 58" Long x 23 1/2" Wide x 39 1/2" Tall

 photo P1150977.jpg  photo P1150978.jpg  photo P1150979.jpg  photo P1150980.jpg  photo P1150981.jpg  photo P1150982.jpg  photo P1150984.jpg  photo P1150985.jpg  photo P1150987.jpg  photo P1150988.jpg

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