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Pianos for sale are tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of pianos for sale include everything but taxes; local piano delivery and concert tuning upon delivery are included.

Horizontal Grand and Baby Grand Pianos for sale

Wurlitzer baby grand piano for sale with matching bench
($1100 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch A440
-Serial number: 103944
-Approximate Dimensions: 4'10" long x 56 3/4" wide x 39 1/4" Tall closed or 65 3/4" Tall open
Video of this piano==>austin baby grand piano

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Conover Cable high gloss ebony baby grand piano for sale with matching bench
($4000 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Model CCIG-50
-Tuned to concert pitch A440
-Serial number: IJKBG00119
Approximate Dimensions: 4'11" long x 57 3/8" wide x 40 1/4" Tall closed or 71" Tall open
Video of this piano==> austin baby grand piano

 photo IMG_7025.jpg  photo IMG_7026.jpg  photo IMG_7028.jpg  photo IMG_7029.jpg  photo IMG_7030.jpg  photo IMG_7031.jpg  photo IMG_7032.jpg  photo IMG_7033.jpg  photo IMG_7034.jpg  photo IMG_7035.jpg  photo IMG_7036.jpg  photo IMG_7037.jpg  photo IMG_7038.jpg  photo IMG_7039.jpg  photo IMG_7040.jpg  photo IMG_7041.jpg  photo IMG_7042.jpg  photo IMG_7043.jpg  photo IMG_7045.jpg  photo IMG_7047.jpg  photo IMG_7048.jpg  photo IMG_7049.jpg  photo IMG_7050.jpg  photo IMG_7051.jpg  photo IMG_7052.jpg  photo IMG_7053.jpg  photo IMG_7055.jpg  photo IMG_7056.jpg  photo IMG_7057.jpg  photo IMG_7060.jpg  photo IMG_7061.jpg  photo IMG_7062.jpg  photo IMG_7063.jpg  photo IMG_7064.jpg  photo IMG_7065.jpg  photo IMG_7066.jpg  photo IMG_7071.jpg  photo IMG_7072.jpg  photo IMG_7073.jpg  photo IMG_7075.jpg  photo IMG_7076.jpg  photo IMG_7078.jpg  photo IMG_7079.jpg  photo IMG_7080.jpg  photo IMG_7081.jpg  photo IMG_7082.jpg  photo IMG_7084.jpg  photo IMG_7085.jpg  photo IMG_7086.jpg  photo IMG_7088.jpg  photo IMG_7089.jpg  photo IMG_7090.jpg  photo IMG_7091.jpg  photo IMG_7092.jpg  photo IMG_7093.jpg  photo IMG_7094.jpg  photo IMG_7095.jpg  photo IMG_7096.jpg  photo IMG_7097.jpg  photo IMG_7098.jpg  photo IMG_7099.jpg  photo IMG_7100.jpg  photo IMG_7101.jpg  photo IMG_7102.jpg  photo IMG_7103.jpg  photo IMG_7104.jpg  photo IMG_7105.jpg  photo IMG_7107.jpg

Brambach baby grand piano for sale with matching bench
($1500 plus tax delivered, then tuned)

-Tuned to concert pitch A440
-Serial number: 49903
Approximate Dimensions: 4'8" long x 54 3/4" wide x 39" Tall closed or 64 1/2" Tall open
Video of this piano==>austin baby grand piano

 photo IMG_6836.jpg  photo IMG_6837.jpg  photo IMG_6838.jpg  photo IMG_6839.jpg  photo IMG_6840.jpg  photo IMG_6841.jpg  photo IMG_6842.jpg  photo IMG_6843.jpg  photo IMG_6844.jpg  photo IMG_6845.jpg  photo IMG_6846.jpg  photo IMG_6847.jpg  photo IMG_6848.jpg  photo IMG_6849.jpg  photo IMG_6850.jpg  photo IMG_6851.jpg  photo IMG_6852.jpg  photo IMG_6853.jpg  photo IMG_6854.jpg  photo IMG_6856.jpg  photo IMG_6857.jpg  photo IMG_6858.jpg  photo IMG_6859.jpg  photo IMG_6860.jpg  photo IMG_6861.jpg  photo IMG_6862.jpg  photo IMG_6864.jpg  photo IMG_6865.jpg  photo IMG_6866.jpg  photo IMG_6867.jpg  photo IMG_6868.jpg  photo IMG_6870.jpg  photo IMG_6874.jpg  photo IMG_6875.jpg  photo IMG_6876.jpg  photo IMG_6877.jpg  photo IMG_6879.jpg  photo IMG_6880.jpg  photo IMG_6881.jpg  photo IMG_6882.jpg  photo IMG_6883.jpg  photo IMG_6884.jpg  photo IMG_6885.jpg  photo IMG_6886.jpg  photo IMG_6888.jpg  photo IMG_6889.jpg  photo IMG_6892.jpg  photo IMG_6893.jpg  photo IMG_6895.jpg  photo IMG_6896.jpg

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