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Pianos are delivered tuned, cleaned, regulated and made ready to play; all the keys and pedals work. The bridges, soundboard and pin block are solid. Prices of all pianos for sale include everything except sales tax; local piano delivery and concert pitch tuning upon delivery are included.

Pianos for sale

Claim and prioritize an Upcoming Piano by scheduling a delivery. More photos and video will be added when these pianos are listed in the showroom. Showings unavailable for Upcoming Pianos.

Wurlitzer piano with bench
($700 plus tax)

-Serial: 1166178
-Approximate Dimensions: 56 3/8" Long x 23 3/4" Wide x 37" Tall

 photo IMG_4030.jpg  photo IMG_4031.jpg  photo IMG_4032.jpg  photo IMG_4033.jpg  photo IMG_4034.jpg  photo IMG_4035.jpg  photo IMG_4036.jpg  photo IMG_4037.jpg  photo IMG_4038.jpg  photo IMG_4039.jpg  photo IMG_4040.jpg

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